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“Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” continues to improve the security of power facilities


he branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo”, as part of the implementation of the 2020 investment program in the anti-terrorist area of activity, modernized the perimeter fence, security alarm systems and video surveillance at the 110 kV “Vasilevo” substation.

At the same time, the outer perimeter of the substation was completely replaced with a modern concrete mesh fencing, the warranty period of which is 30 years. In addition to the high level of security of the perimeter, the substation is equipped with burglar alarms and a video system connected to the operator of the Security Control Centre of the branch. It should be noted that the Security Control Centre of Kostromaenergo became the first Security Control Centre within Rosseti Centre’s service area. Video images from power facilities of the Company in the area of responsibility of the branch are transmitted here online around the clock. The intelligent security video surveillance system allows for round-the-clock control over the facilities of the power grid complex with a voltage class of 35-110 kV, timely issuing signals of external influence on the protected facilities, and also contributes to the solution of cyber security issues to protect important segments of the management of the branch’s distributed automation.

“Equipping 35-110 kV substations with intelligent video surveillance systems allows to provide us not only with comprehensive security of facilities, timely identify possible facts of unauthorized entry to the systems of the power grid complex, but also taking into account the Agreement concluded with the Administration of the Kostroma Region on implementation of the “Safe City” system, to carry out operational interaction with law enforcement agencies to prevent illegal actions in relation to power facilities of the Kostromaenergo branch,” commented Alexander Korotin, Deputy Director for Security of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo”.

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