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Voronezhenergo’s specialists in the first half of the year fulfilled more than two thousand contracts for connection of consumers to grids


The branch “Rosseti Centre Voronezhenergo” summed up the results of work on connection of consumers to power grids for the first half of the year. During the specified period, power engineers fulfilled 2,159 grid connection contracts, the total connection capacity exceeded 300 MW. In total, during half a year, Voronezhenergo accepted 2,553 applications for the provision of this service.

Among the largest consumers connected to the branch’s grids are agro-industrial enterprises of Agroeko-Vostok LLC, the largest investor in the agro-industrial complex of the Voronezh region, and one of the ten largest pork producers in Russia. In the Kalacheyevsky district, Voronezhenergo’s specialists provided power supply to the Agroeko pig-breeding complex, and in the Vorobyevsky district, to a new station for animal control testing. For its grid connection, the power engineers constructed an 800-metre overhead line with protected 10 kV wires and installed a recloser on it - an intelligent device that improves the reliability of power supply to the station. The total capacity of the connected facilities was 880 kW.

One of the most important socially significant facilities connected to Voronezhenergo’s grids in the first half of the year was a pre-fabricated infectious diseases hospital in the city of Voronezh. The decision to build the medical facility was made during a working meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Voronezh Region Governor Alexander Gusev. The hospital was built according to a standard project of the Russian Ministry of Defense, intended for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, and in the future it will function as an infectious diseases hospital. For its power supply, the power engineers constructed a 6/0.4 kV transformer substation equipped with two 1.6 MVA transformers each, highly reliable switching equipment and telemetry devices. Two 6 kV cable lines with a total length of 3.4 km were laid for external power supply of the new substation.

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