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“Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” offers services for the use of power grid infrastructure for equipment placement


The branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” presents prices for placement of lighting fixtures, cameras and other equipment that are not related to communication lines on power transmission lines of the branch. The tariffs for the placement of fiber-optic communication lines on overhead power lines can be found on the website.

To conclude a contract for the use of infrastructure, due to the temporary suspension of full-time reception of citizens, you should submit an application to the address of the Company by sending a message to the e-mail address of the branch at or through the company’s website at Also, if you have any questions, you can contact a specialist of the customer care point via the phones indicated on the website. Based on the application, an agreement will be prepared for the installation of the applicant’s equipment and the monthly use of poles.

Power engineers remind that only the branch has the right to place equipment on power lines. If the applicant refuses services and expresses a desire to independently carry out the suspension of his equipment, then he will have to conclude an admission agreement with Smolenskenergo and only after that he will place the equipment (which is significantly more expensive than the branch’s services).

“If the equipment has already been placed on the power transmission line, then it is enough to submit an application for concluding a contract for the monthly use of poles,” explains Roman Kostyuchenkov, the head of the marketing and additional services department of Smolenskenergo.

Power engineers draw the attention of owners of lighting fixtures, cameras and other equipment not related to communication lines that disagreement with the established tariff for providing access to Rosseti Centre’s infrastructure for the placement of telecommunication networks is not a legal basis for the non-contractual use of someone else’s property for profit. Disputes and disagreements arising between business entities should be resolved exclusively in the legal field, without violating the rights and interests of third parties.

Smolenskenergo’s specialists fight against illegal use of power grid infrastructure. In the first half of the year, non-contractual illegal suspensions of CCTV cameras, road signs, advertising structures were found at 262 facilities of the company’s power grid.

Poles for street lighting and power transmission lines are part of the power grid complex, which performs the function of delivering electricity. To ensure uninterrupted and reliable power supply to consumers, along with the rest of electrical equipment, power engineers regularly inspect overhead lines, carry out their maintenance, paint metal parts to increase corrosion resistance and protect against weather conditions, make repairs, if required. Suspensions not coordinated with the grid company often complicate the work, and persons carrying out unauthorized suspensions violate the legislation of the Russian Federation, put their lives at unjustified risk and interfere with the operation of the power system.

The branch intends to continue working to prevent unauthorized use of its power grid infrastructure facilities. To solve this problem, all possibilities provided by the current legislation will be used.

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