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In the first half of 2020 “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” connected more than a thousand consumers to the power grid


According to the results of the first half of 2020, 1,014 new consumers of the Lipetsk region were connected to electric grids of the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo”. Among them there are 198 legal entities and 816 individuals. The total capacity of the connected facilities exceeded 16 MW.

In total, from January to June of this year, the branch received 1,761 applications from consumers for grid connection and an increase in existing capacity. Most of the requests (75%) are from individuals for the connection of private residential households.

Yeletskiy LLC is among the largest consumers connected to the grids of the energy company during the reporting period, which is a crop division of the Trio group of companies, a full-cycle agricultural holding well known in the Lipetsk region and other regions of Russia. The company ranks second among the largest land users in the Lipetsk region. Among its partners are large holdings of Russia and neighbouring countries, including Pepsico, Danone, Rosagro, Cherkizovo, Baltika and others. The volume of the connected capacity of the facilities of Yeletskiy LLC was about 2 MW.

About 1 MW of power was provided to Transstroymehanizatsiya LLC, one of the leaders in the construction market in the country. The company is engaged in complex construction, reconstruction and repair of highways, airfields, industrial and hydraulic structures. It works at facilities of Rosavtodor and Rosaviatsia.

The grid connection of new consumers has become another contribution of power engineers to the social and economic development of the Lipetsk region.

For all questions regarding grid connection, you can contact specialists of Roseti Centre’s contact centre at the toll-free number at 8-800-50-50-115. You can also apply for connection to the grid on the portal of electric grid services of PJSC Rosseti at портал-тп.рф.

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