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Belgorodenergo modernizes the outdoor lighting system of Stary Oskol


“Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” under the contract for installation of outdoor lighting of the Starooskolsky urban district will replace 1,343 lighting fixtures for LED ones on the main highways of Stary Oskol.

At present, there are 20,706 light points in the district’s outdoor lighting, of which only 0.3% are LED. The modernization program involves the replacement of lighting fixtures on Aleksey Ugarov, Pobeda, Molodyozhny Avenue, Eroshenko Street, as well as on Komsomolsky Avenue, from the OEMK pool to the Church of the Nativity of Christ. After that, the share of LED lighting fixtures will grow to 6.8%. Considering that their basic consumption is 2-2.5 times lower than usual, the city will save up to 47% of electricity. Thus, the cost of the modernization will pay off within two years.

For single-lane routes, it is planned to use lamps with a power of 120 watts, for two- and three-lane routes - 180 watts. At the same time, all lighting fixtures will be integrated into an intelligent automated system that allows remotely, without leaving the site, to set various combustion modes, depending on needs of consumers.

According to the chief of the Starooskolsky Distribution Zone, Andrey Kostennikov, this year the power engineers also plan to upgrade the lighting fixtures on Ilyinskaya Street, on the highway from the village of Gorodische to Vladimirovka. Modern lighting will not only be more natural and closer to daylight, but will also allow drivers to better see the situation on the road and pedestrians in the dark. In addition, the possibility of automated control of lighting fixtures will allow, in the shortest possible time, to take measures to repair broken light points, which, in turn, will improve the quality of outdoor lighting service.

Earlier, the power engineers have already replaced lighting fixtures on Aleksey Ugarov Avenue, from the car market to the “Yubileiny” market. In two places with the busiest traffic, lighting fixtures with a projection of a pedestrian crossing were installed. In the dark, they serve as additional safety measures, as they attract the attention of drivers, forcing them to slow down.

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