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Specialists of “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” connected about 1,500 consumers to grids since the beginning of the year


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” summed up the work on connection of consumers to power grids for 6 months of 2020. During this period, power engineers connected 1,464 new customers to the grids with a total capacity of 25.27 MW (excluding temporary grid connections) for more than 15 million rubles. Dozens of enterprises and hundreds of residents of the Kostroma region were supplied with electricity.

Also, for the current period, the branch connected 36 applicants belonging to the category “Doing Business”. Grid connection of small and medium-sized businesses is under special control of the Kostromaenergo company, since the efficiency of the execution of applications for grid connections is one of the factors of the investment attractiveness of the region.

Among the large grid connection facilities is a 10/0.4 kV package transformer substation for the fire station of Galichskiy Plywood Plant LLC. Power engineers constructed a 10 kV overhead line with a length of 115 metres, laid 25 metres of a 10 kV cable, installed ground loops, mounted a commercial metering point, completed the construction of the foundation for the package transformer substation, performed the necessary commissioning, as well as construction and installation work on installation of the package transformer substation. The power of the supply centre (the package transformer substation) was 1,260 kVA.

In addition, a number of socially significant facilities were supplied with electricity in the first half of the year. So, within the framework of the national project “Healthcare”, the Kostroma power engineers completed the connection to the electrical grids of the building of a new feldsher-obstetric centre in the village of Veselovo of the Krasnoselsky district, having constructed a 0.4 kV overhead line for this and installed circuit breakers in the switchgear of the transformer substation. In the village of Lomki of the Ostrovsky district, the specialists connected a new modular feldsher-obstetric building to the grid, completing the construction of a 0.4 kV overhead line with self-supporting insulated wire of 290 m long. They also connected the infectious diseases department of the Galich regional hospital and the building of the sports and recreation complex “Sports School No. 2” in Kostroma.

At present, Kostromaenergo’s customer service department continues to provide consumers with a full range of online services. You can submit an application for connection to power grids on the power grid services portal of PJSC Rosseti at портал-тп.рф. or in your personal account on Rosseti Centre’s website. Consultations on all issues related to grid connection can be obtained by calling the Contact Centre of the power company at 8-800-50-50-115 (toll-free call).

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