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Additional service of “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” “installation of outdoor lighting systems” is in demand with municipalities of the region


In 2020, the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” already concluded 151 contracts for maintenance of outdoor lighting networks of municipalities of the Smolensk region as part of the additional service “Installation of outdoor lighting systems”. This made it possible to increase the branch’s presence in the market for maintenance of outdoor lighting networks in the region up to 93%.

When performing work, power engineers actively use the most modern technologies. All work is carried out in strict accordance with safety requirements.

“Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” continues to develop additional services. Currently, the branch offers customers nine types of additional services that can be found on the corporate website at The service “Installation of outdoor lighting systems” is one of the most popular ones. In accordance with Article 14 of Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 06.10.2003 N 131-FZ “On General Principles of the Organization of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation”, improvement of settlements (including street lighting) refers to issues of local importance, i.e. responsibility is assigned to local governments. As a rule, specialized organizations are engaged on a contractual basis to carry out work on setup of street lighting by administrations of districts and rural settlements. As part of the service, Smolenskenergo’s specialists carry out a whole range of works: replacing lamps, maintaining lighting fixtures, managing street lighting in compliance with modes and schedules of lighting. According to individual applications, the branch can install additional lighting fixtures (including energy-saving ones), develop design estimates, and carry out construction of outdoor lighting networks.

Work on modernization, repair and maintenance of street lighting systems, aimed at improving the comfort and safety of residents of the region, will continue in the future. Through the use of energy-efficient light sources (modern energy-saving lamps), local governments will be able to reduce the cost of paying for the electricity consumed by street lighting.

Smolenskenergo is open for cooperation with local authorities in the framework of the service “installation of outdoor lighting systems”. At the same time, the company strives to improve the quality of this service. In addition, the branch is ready to offer a number of services aimed at bringing urban lighting into line with modern requirements: replacing mercury-containing lamps with energy-saving ones with sodium lamps; transition to a separate mode of evening and night street lighting; replacing wires of the existing network with the so-called “anti-vandal” one with a special insulating coating; implementing centralized lighting control systems using modern communication channels, automatic monitoring of the status of each individual light point.

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