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Specialists at Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo repaired 1,400 km of overhead power lines


For five months of 2020, specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” performed overhaul of 1,405.8 km of 0.4-110 kV power lines. During the repair work, 5,411 insulators, 12.6 km of lightning protection cables were replaced, more than 373 hectares of routes were cleared from trees and shrubs.

As part of the implementation of the repair program, Kursk power engineers carried out repairs at 127 transformer substations: 69 power transformers, 30 disconnectors, 69 switches were repaired.

In particular, repair work was carried out at such large supply centres of the region as the 110/35/10 kV substations “Dmitriev”, “Maryino”, “Cheremoshki”, “Belaya”, the 110/35/6 kV substation “Manturovo”, providing electricity to more than 86 settlements of the Dmitrievsky, Manturovsky, Rylsky, Belovsky districts of the Kursk region.

By the end of 2020, Kurskenergo’s specialists plan to repair equipment at another 41 substations of 35 - 110 kV, repair 347 transformer substations and over 760 kilometres of overhead power lines, clear 782.7 ha of routes of overhead power lines.

Timely implementation of the repair program ensures the stable functioning of the electric grid complex and reliable power supply to consumers in the region during the period of maximum loads.

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