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Specialists of “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” continue to modernize outdoor lighting in settlements of the Kursk region


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo”, together with administrations of the region and municipalities, is actively working on modernization of street lighting systems in settlements of the Kursk region.

Since the beginning of this year, power engineers have carried out maintenance, replacement and installation of over 7,500 light points in municipalities of the Kursk region. By the end of the year, the branch plans to additionally service more than 9,000 light points.

Kurskenergo concluded agreements on street lighting maintenance with the administrations of such large cities of the region as Lgov, Oboyan, Rylsk and Schigry.

In Rylsk and Schigry, the power engineers will replace 505 and 400 conventional lighting fixtures with LED ones, respectively. Workers of Kurskenergo also plan to modernize street lighting in settlements of Glushkovsky district, where 40 lighting fixtures will be installed.

In the regional centre, the branch, within the framework of a contract for provision of services with the Housing and Public Utilities Committee of the city of Kursk, performed the repair of outdoor lighting networks along Zvezdnaya, Deineki, 1st Stroitelnaya, Energetikov, Zavodskaya, Sonina streets.

In the implementation of street lighting projects, qualified specialists from Kurskenergo are involved. The work is carried out in compliance with the required deadlines and the use of modern technical means. When carrying out work, obsolete incandescent and mercury lamps are replaced by modern LED ones.

On previously unlit streets, new lines will be constructed using self-supporting insulated wire (SIW) with enhanced safety features.

In addition, as part of the modernization of street lighting, electricity metering and street lighting control systems are being implemented, which allow not only to control electricity consumption, but also to create flexible schedules for automatically turning on lights when evening comes.

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