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Belgorodenergo modernizes the 110 kV “Mayskaya” substation


“Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” is implementing a pilot project to set up remote control of equipment of the 110 kV “Mayskaya” substation directly from a branch of JSC SO UES - Kursk Transmission Grid Control Centre.

The project provides for the modernization of 110 kV switchgear drives, the relay protection system, the operating current system and telemechanics equipment at the “Mayskaya” substation. The use of modern technical means and equipment will allow a qualitative transition to a new level of operational dispatch control of switching devices of the supply centre. In particular, it will be possible to use automated switching programs that provide for remote change of the operational state of equipment in accordance with a given algorithm of actions.

The 110 kV “Mayskaya” substation chosen for the project provides electricity to the southern part of the regional centre and about 26 thousand residents of individual housing estates. The feeding centre was commissioned in 2009 and is still considered one of the most modern. Relay protection and automation of the substation are made on the basis of microprocessor protection units that allow real-time monitoring of the performance of the technological complex, operational control of the equipment is carried out remotely from Belgorodenergo’s Grid Control Centre.

“Currently, all 35-110 kV substations in Belgorodenergo are observable and are remotely controlled from the Grid Control Centre. This allows to remotely make the most typical switchings - putting it into reserve or repair and then putting it into operation,” explained First Deputy Director of the branch - Chief Engineer Sergey Reshetnikov. “After a comprehensive modernization of the substation, a standard procedure of switching in electrical installations using digital technologies will be implemented, and the functionality of the remote control system will be significantly expanded. To ensure the safety of switching and to eliminate possible errors, additional blocking of obviously incorrect dispatcher commands will be provided.”

The new technology for power equipment management will significantly increase the reliability of the power grid complex by reducing the time of operational switching, decreasing the risk of personnel’s erroneous actions and quickly eliminating emergency situations.

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