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Belgorodenergo modernizes 4,000 lighting fixtures in streets of the regional centre


“Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” has begun large-scale modernization of outdoor lighting in Belgorod. Under a contract with the city administration, Belgorod power engineers will replace four thousand lighting fixtures with gas discharge lamps for LED ones and provide 100% controllability of outdoor lighting with an intelligent automated system.

Modernization of outdoor lighting facilities will affect 22 central streets, six roundabouts and transport interchanges, three highways and the South-West residential district of individual housing construction. The work is planned to be carried out in two stages. At the first until 20 October of this year, they will replace the first two thousand fixtures, as part of the second - another two thousand and thus complete the project by the end of the year.

Currently, in Belgorod, there are about 37 thousand lighting fixtures, while only 7% are LED. The main share is made up of lighting fixtures with high-pressure sodium lamps with a power of 70 to 400 W and a light output of 80 to 120 lm/W. Until recently, they have been considered the most effective way to save in outdoor lighting. After replacing four thousand lighting fixtures with LED ones, the share of the latter in the city’s lighting system will increase to 18%, and basic electricity consumption will decrease by about 30%. Thus, Belgorod will receive not only significant budget savings, but also a modern outdoor lighting system.

All lighting fixtures are equipped with special controllers with the capability to individually control each, target regulation of the light flux, diagnose the condition and obtain initial data for calculating the consumed electricity.

“Due to reduced energy consumption, selective reduction in the power of individual light bulbs, the possibility of combining them into groups and remote control of operation modes of these groups, the city will receive significant savings,” stressed Igor Makovskiy, General Director of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region. “Released funds can be used for further modernization, so the entire program will be self-sustaining and highly effective. On the other hand, the function of monitoring the status of each lighting fixture will make it possible to take measures to repair failed light bulbs as soon as possible, which, in turn, will improve the quality of service for outdoor lighting.”

According to the results of the project, Belgorod’s outdoor lighting will be 100% integrated into an intelligent automated system that allows to remotely set up different lighting modes, without going to the place, depending on needs of consumers.

In particular, the system makes it possible to remotely turn on and off every second or third light source, highlighting intersections, pedestrian crossings and reducing consumption in places with less traffic. For example, fixtures included in a special group can work all night in the 100% mode, the rest in the 50% mode. This will practically not affect the general illumination.

A similar project to create an innovative outdoor lighting system has already been implemented within the “smart quarter” of Belgorod. Here, the power engineers replaced lighting fixtures for 483 LED ones, set up an individual control system for each and included all the fixtures in a single geographic information system with the city’s map. Now this practice will be applied on the main transport arteries of the regional centre.

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