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Tver power engineers increase energy equipment safety


To reduce risks of injuries from equipment of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo”, power engineers developed a number of additional measures aimed at improving the safe operation of power facilities.

In the first half of this year, Tverenergo’s specialists conducted a number of additional engineering surveys of power lines and transformer substations located in settlements, which resulted in measures to improve the safety of power supply.

This year, the branch plans to replace more than 21,000 used porcelain and polymer insulators with glass, more reliable and safer in operation. The transparency of the glass makes it easier to visually control their integrity. In the event of a failure, damage can be quickly identified without resorting to long line outages. In addition, the absence of microcracks in glass insulators reduces to zero the possibility of latent current leaks to the ground. Since the beginning of the year, 3,600 insulators have already been installed by the power engineers.

Also, over the reporting period, the Tver branch of Rosseti Centre repaired more than 420 km of 0.4-10 kV overhead lines, 253 transformer substations of 6-10 kV, replaced nearly 600 power line poles of 6-10 kV overhead lines.

To improve the reliability and safety of power supply to rural residents during the reconstruction of grids in settlements, the power engineers change the ordinary wire to self-supporting insulated wire (SIW), uninsulated tap wires to inputs to residential buildings are also being replaced. By the end of the year, it is planned to install 2,200 m of new lightning protection cable.

Power facilities located in the service area of ​​the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” are protected by fences, warning signs and locks.

On poles of overhead lines installed in settlements, the power engineers replaced outdated information signs warning residents about the presence of high voltage. The drawing, applied with bright polymer paint on a galvanized plate, is clearly visible. In this design, the signs will last much longer, reminding everyone of caution in the vicinity of power facilities.

Tverenergo reminds that in order to avoid accidents due to electric shock, it is necessary to understand the danger of its effects, to know firmly and steadily comply with the basic rules of electrical safety.

It is strictly forbidden to climb poles of overhead power lines, roofs of houses and buildings where electrical wires are close, engage in fishing under overhead lines, penetrate into transformer substations or behind the fence of electrical substations and transformers, open doors of switchboards and other electrical devices in entrances, basements, and attics.

In case of wire breakage, sparking, damage to poles, insulators, open or damaged doors of transformer substations or electrical panels, in order to avoid accidents, immediately inform about this by calling Rosseti Centre’s direct line at 8-800-50-50-155 (short number 13–50) or 112.

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