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Creation of a museum of the substation “Nerekhta-1” in Kostromaenergo


At the branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo”, a project is underway to create a museum of the history of the 110/35/10/6 kV substation “Nerekhta-1” in the city of Nerekhta of the Kostroma region.

On the initiative of Director of the Kostromaenergo branch Dmitry Prokhorov, a room was allocated in the substation building, in which a museum of the history of both the substation itself and the history of electrification of the Nerekhtsky district is being created. The work is carried out as part of the 100th anniversary of the GOELRO plan. The central place in the exposition is now occupied by the picture - the same age as the substation. It was found by power engineers in the former management building, now provided for demolition. The painting is done in watercolour and is an architectural model of the substation “Nerekhta” with autographs of artists. Now, it has undergone restoration. Next to the picture is a view of the modern substation, as well as a 3D model of it in the future.

The filling of the museum continues with efforts of the Distribution Zone’s employees, volunteers of the Association “League of Good”. Now, the idea of ​​creating the museum of a historical line of evolution of metering devices is being implemented, the corresponding exhibits of meters from 1935 to the present day are selected and diagnosed.

An important role in the collection of archival materials for the museum is played by meetings of volunteers with veterans of the Nerekhtsky Distribution Zone, former employees of the substation. So, Vladimir M. Maykov shared the story that the substation “Nerekhta” was constructed in the 40s of the last century, and during the years of World War II was militarized and surrounded by a blank fence. The equipment was very mottled, including captured German. In the 60s of the 20th century, when the Kostromaenergo regional energy department was established, the substation passed from Yaroslavl to the Kostroma power system. The opening of the museum is planned for December 2020, when the energy sector will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the state electrification plan of Russia.

In Kostromaenergo, the substation “Nerekhta-1” has been identified as a pilot for the implementation of the “Digital Substation” project as part of Rosseti’s “Digital Transformation 2030” concept. As part of the digital transformation, a full-fledged universal digital platform will be created here, which will serve as a model for further modernization of the energy system of the entire region. As a result of providing it with modern equipment and control systems, absolute observability will be ensured, metering will be automated, and the reliability of power supply to consumers will increase.

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