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Belgorodenergo eliminated 263 violations of power line security zones in the region


In the last and first quarter of this year, “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” eliminated 263 violations of security zones of power lines, including 28 by forces and at the expense of the violators themselves. Each fact constituted a real threat to inhabitants of the region and, under adverse circumstances, could cause an accident.

In the town of Stroitel, an entrepreneur in the security zone of a transformer substation began construction of a production building. As a result, he had to transfer the substation to a safe distance at his own expense.

In Stary Oskol, an organization carried out reconstruction of a gas station and arranged unauthorized storage of soil and materials under a 6 kV overhead line. After the delivery of the notice, the violation was completely eliminated.

Last year, power engineers recorded several facts of self-seizure of the territory adjacent to power lines. For example, residents of the villages of Streletskoye in the Belgorodsky district and Nizhny Lubyanka in the Volokonovsky district voluntarily fenced poles of power lines, blocking access to equipment for the power grid company. After delivery of notifications to the violators, the security zones were restored within their borders.

“Claims against individuals and legal entities that violated the requirements of Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 24 February 2009 No. 160 “On the procedure for establishing security zones of electric grid facilities ...” are considered in district, city courts, and the regional Arbitration Court,” says the head of the legal support department of “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” Svetlana Mikhailova. “For violation of the law on compliance with the requirements of the security zone of electric grids and evasion of court decisions, they may be held liable with the recovery of funds (penalties) and obligations to demolish the unauthorized structure.

Last year, the Arbitration Court of the Belgorod Region made several decisions on the demolition of greenhouses and parking lots illegally constructed in the security zone. Three greenhouses in the village of Striguni and four in the village of Baytsury of the Borisovsky district by court decision were demolished by their owners.

An individual entrepreneur, who had arranged a dangerous parking lot with asphalt pavement on the Belgorod-Korocha highway under a 10 kV power line, was forced to submit to a court decision. As well as the owner of a garage, illegally built in the security zone of a 0.4 kV overhead line in the village of Belenkoye of the Borisovsky district.

Belgorodenergo reminds: the security zone along overhead power lines is installed in the form of a land plot and air space bounded by vertical planes spaced on both sides of the extreme wires of the line when they are not deviated from 2 to 20 metres, depending on voltage. Without coordination with a branch in this zone, any actions related to construction, reconstruction or demolition of buildings, storage of materials, and excavation are prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to place here children’s playgrounds and sports grounds, pedestrian paths and parking spaces for parking vehicles, stadiums, markets, retail outlets and other facilities involving crowds; launch aircraft, plant trees or fish. For all matters relating to power supply, you should contact the direct line of Rosseti Centre at 8-800-50-50-115, short number at 13-50.

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