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“Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” expands the use of artificial intelligence technologies


The branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” has launched pilot production of technologies for automatically recognizing information from electricity meters and monitoring the availability of protective equipment for duty personnel using artificial intelligence. The work is carried out as part of projects that are jointly developed by Yarenergo, the Point of View company and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy of P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University.

The project “Recognition of information from electricity meters” is a mobile application for automatically taking readings from electricity meters, checking the integrity of protective seals and assessing the technical condition of meters. To perform these operations, the electrician needs to point a mobile phone camera to the meter. The artificial intelligence technologies underlying the program allow the digital system to perceive information and save it as a database. The power engineers plan to receive the first test results of the mobile application in August.

The project “Monitoring the availability of protective equipment for an on-duty electrician for operation of equipment of 35-110 kV substations” is being tested at the “Severnaya” substation in Yaroslavl. The system analyzes the data from the video camera installed at the entrance to the facility. Using computer vision technologies, it recognizes the presence of protective equipment for electricians - helmets, protective clothing, dielectric gloves, in the absence of them it sends a notification to the control room and blocks access to the substation. The system is capable of self-learning as accumulated processed data. During its testing period, which will last until September, the power engineers are faced with the task of achieving diagnostic accuracy of at least 90%.

“We pay great attention to working on our own innovative and rationalization proposals and try to use them with the maximum effect, including for implementing the concept of digital transformation. The Yarenergo branch has gained significant positive experience in this area. In case of successful pilot operation, both new projects can be recommended for replication in all 20 regions of our operational responsibility,” stressed Igor Makovskiy, General Director of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region.

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