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Specialists of “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” ensure the reliability of power supply to districts of the region


As part of the repair program, specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” replaced more than 20 kilometres of the lightning protection cable on the 110 kV “Donskaya” overhead line.

The activities were carried out with the aim of ensuring the stable operation of the backbone grid facility supplying the Zadonsky and Yeletsky districts of the Lipetsk region, where more than 16 thousand people live. In particular, the “Donskaya” overhead line provides transit of electricity for socially significant facilities, as well as a number of large enterprises, including the poultry farm of OJSC Cherkizovo Group and OJSC Zadonsky Bakery Plant.

“The decision to include the “Donskaya” line in the 2020 repair program was made on the basis of statistics on power line faults caused by direct lightning strikes. The new ground wire has increased strength and stability, which will provide additional protection for the line, minimize the risk of overvoltage and eliminate the possibility of failures in the power system,” stressed Acting First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of Lipetskenergo Mikhail Boev.

In total, during 2020, Lipetskenergo’s power engineers will install more than 60 km of lightning protection cable on power lines in the service area of the branch. The largest scope of work will be carried out in the Yeletsky district.

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