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Belgorodenergo to construct grids to connect more than 800 plots of individual housing development


“Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” has launched a program for the engineering arrangement of residential areas of mass residential development. To connect plots of individual housing development to a centralized power supply system, Belgorod power engineers will construct about 38 km of 0.4-10 kV overhead and cable power lines, install more than 20 package transformer substations with a total capacity of about 4 MW. Private developers will be able to connect 843 land plots.

The largest amount of work is planned in the Belgorodsky district, where 390 plots of individual housing development will be provided with electric grid infrastructure in the micro-districts of Bionika, Novosadovy-41, Shagarovka-87, Maysky-80, 76 and others. Work will continue in the micro-districts of Proleski and Vishenki of the Stary Oskol city district.

In the Yakovlevsky urban district, 130 plots in the micro-districts of Glushinsky and Sretensky-2 will be able to connect to the grid, in Prokhorovka - 50 plots in the micro-district of Sovetskaya Street, in Volokonovka - 34 plots of individual housing development, 35 plots in Valuyki and Shebekino, 40 - in the micro-district of Yuzhny in the Borisovsky district, 16 - in the village of Nagolnoye of the Rovensky district.

All work is carried out using modern power grid equipment, providing a high level of reliability and safety of power supply to consumers.

The program for the engineering arrangement of housing estates of mass residential development is annually approved by a resolution of the Government of the Belgorod Region. Since 2005, Belgorodenergo has already provided electricity to about 72 thousand plots, having constructed more than 5 thousand km of 0.4-10 kV power lines for this. The regional energy system during this time of individual construction added more than 200 MW of new capacity.

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