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“Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” completed work on installation of street lighting in the village of Ostrovskoye


As part of the contract, specialists of “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” installed and connected a new line for setup of street lighting on the Lugovaya street of the Ostrovsky rural settlement in the Kostroma region.

Please, be reminded that the initiators of the project were residents of the Lugovaya street, led by its street committee and chairman, who applied for street lighting in their neighbourhood.

To date, in terms of lighting the Lugovaya street in the settlement of Ostrovskoye was one of the most unlit in the village. Here, street lighting was completely absent. The urgency of the problem is also great because the Lugovaya street has a very complex terrain, it is on a slope and has sharp turns. In the evening and at night, drivers of passing vehicles cannot see people on the road, which creates traumatic situations. In recent years, the street has noticeably “rejuvenated” - more than 70% of young families with children live on it, there are large families, pensioners live. According to the head of the Administration of the Ostrovsky (central) rural settlement Andrey Voskresensky, the work on street lighting on the Lugovaya street in the village of Ostrovskoye will create high-quality conditions for comfortable living for more than 254 residents of the Lugovaya, Kineshemskaya, Naberezhnaya streets, relieve social tension, increase activity of residents of Ostrovskoye in the landscaping of the village.

“The lighting fixtures on the Lugovaya street are equipped with modern, energy-saving, LED lamps. For two consecutive years, residents of this small micro-district sent materials to the tender committee. The site here is complicated, and of course, lighting is simply necessary for people,” stressed the head of the Administration of the Ostrovsky (central) rural settlement Andrey Voskresensky.

Work on the modernization, repair and maintenance of street lighting systems, aimed at improving the comfort and safety of residents of the Kostroma region, will continue. Through the use of energy-efficient light sources (modern energy-saving lamps), local governments will be able to reduce the cost of paying for electricity consumed by street lighting.

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