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Kurskenergo in a short time completed the technical measures necessary for grid connection of feldsher-obstetric stations in the Kursk region


Providing reliable power supply to socially significant facilities is a priority in the work of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo”.

The company promptly fulfilled its obligations under 15 agreements of grid connection, feldsher-obstetric stations, which will allow to complete the construction of medical facilities to provide qualified primary medical care to residents of 11 districts of the Kursk region on time.

To connect socially important facilities, Kurskenergo’s power engineers carried out transfer of 10 kV overhead line poles, reconstruction of 0.4 kV overhead lines, construction of taps with self-supporting insulated wire and installation of poles.

In the village of Afanasyevo in the Oboyansky district, reconstruction of a 0.4 kV overhead line was carried out with installation of additional wire. The total amount of connected power of 15 feldsher-obstetric stations will be 167 kW.

The coordinated work of Kurskenergo’s specialists made it possible to complete all measures for grid connection of medical institutions within the time frame agreed with the administration of the Kursk region, which, within the framework of the national project “Healthcare”, will significantly increase the availability of medical care for rural residents.

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