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Kostromaenergo’s specialists prevented non-contractual electricity consumption in the amount of over 4 million rubles


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” continues systematic work to identify and suppress non-metered and non-contractual electricity consumption. Power engineers carry out large-scale raid work, revealing facts of illegal energy consumption and taking measures to compensate for damage.

The largest theft was identified and suppressed on 28 May by Kostromaenergo’s employees. The violator was a consumer from Kostroma. During the scheduled inspection, the experts established the fact of unauthorized connection to the branch’s grids and the non-metered use of electricity at the departmental transformer substation belonging to the garage cooperative with the non-profit organization management form. The specialists revealed that in the absence of an electricity supply agreement with PJSC Kostroma Sales Company, the owner in the transformer substation mounted an unauthorized connection to the branch’s electric grids and illegally used electricity for his needs. According to the act on the introduction of a partial (full) restriction of the mode of electric energy consumption, back in October 2017, the legal entity’s power supply to the departmental transformer substation belonging to the garage cooperative was cut off. Despite the ban, the owner violated the law for several years. According to calculations, the volume of non-contractual electricity consumption amounted to 598,395 kWh. Now the consumer will have to compensate for the damage caused to the electric grid company in the amount of more than 4.3 million rubles. In relation to the violator, an act on non-metered electricity consumption was drawn up and a statement was sent to law enforcement agencies. In addition, technical measures were taken to disconnect the transformer substation from the branch’s electrical grids.

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