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Lipetskenergo’s specialists carried out thermal imaging monitoring of more than 650 electric grid facilities and diagnosed about 800 units of electrical equipment in the first quarter


The branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” summed up the work on diagnostics of electrical equipment in the first quarter of 2020. During this period, power engineers checked 790 units of substation equipment and distribution grids. Thermal imaging monitoring was carried out at 663 power supply facilities and 43 cable lines of 6-10 kV were tested.

In the diagnostic process, Lipetskenergo applies advanced techniques. An effective way to prevent malfunctions in the operation of energy facilities is thermal imaging control, which is carried out without decommissioning equipment, and therefore without power outages in houses of residents of the Lipetsk region. The ultra-precise infrared camera of the thermal imager remotely captures the thermal radiation of the equipment, making it possible to detect areas of increased heating.

For carrying out tests, measurements and scheduled inspections of cable lines, mobile electrical laboratories are used. They are equipped with diagnostic modules for fault location of the laid cable, allowing to quickly detect and isolate the place of cable damage. This is true when operating lines in urban areas, where the cable route is usually landscaped with asphalt or tile or in the greening area.

Diagnostic examinations make it possible to detect and eliminate defects arising in the operation of equipment at early stages and thereby eliminate the risk of technological failures in electric grids. The data obtained are taken into account in the formation of repair and investment programs, the implementation of which directly affects the quality and reliability of power supply to consumers in the Lipetsk region.

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