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Specialists of “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” improve the appearance of energy facilities


The branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” is currently in an active phase to bring facilities to a normative state in accordance with the corporate standard for the design of the company’s power grid facilities.

Specialists of the branch started painting metal poles of power lines in the Smolensky, Roslavlsky, Safonovsky and Vyazemsky districts in July 2019. Last year, six poles of overhead lines of 35-110 kV were painted. This year, 13 poles were painted: a pole in the city of Smolensk near the Smolensky Distribution Zone and poles along federal highways, mainly the M-1. Power facilities are painted in white and blue colours in accordance with the corporate standard. The purpose of the measures is to improve the appearance of power facilities, as well as increase the reliability and service life of the poles.

“Overhead power lines perform the function of transmitting electricity. The branch’s specialists constantly monitor their technical condition and carry out repair and maintenance services. Painting of poles is one of the types of work performed in the scope of repair and maintenance services. Painting poles is necessary to protect against atmospheric phenomena and increase the corrosion resistance of metal parts, as well as to improve the appearance,” commented Alexander Koldunov, the head of Smolenskenergo’s power line service.

Painting works are carried out in a period suitable for weather conditions - lack of precipitation and positive ambient temperature.

Smolenskenergo’s specialists not only develop the region’s energy system, but also actively participate in landscaping - painting poles of power lines and other electrical equipment is just one type of landscaping job. In addition, power engineers cut down tree and shrubbery vegetation along federal highways and roads of regional significance, clean poles of advertising leaflets and announcements, banners, signs and plates, improve and renew old energy facilities, carry out landscaping and greening of premises of bases of Distribution Zones and sponsored memorials, organize clean-up events.

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