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Belgorod power engineers complete the creation of a smart grid in the Yakovlevsky Distribution Zone


In the Belgorod region, the first stage of creating a digital Distribution Zone on the basis of the Yakovlevsky Distribution Zone of “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” is nearing completion. A 0.4-10 kV grid remote control system was installed in the district with the capability to continuously monitor the parameters of the transmission and consumption of electricity. By July, the system is scheduled to be commissioned.

As part of the project, 22 reclosers, 20 disconnectors with motor drives and 21 short-circuit indicators were installed on 17 long 6-10 kV overhead lines. Modern equipment is installed in 11 settlements of the district with a population of about 17 thousand people.

Intelligent switching devices without participation of operating personnel will be able to find and isolate a faulty section of the grid, while maintaining power supply to the main part of consumers. Due to this, the reliability and quality of power supply to more than 30 social facilities will significantly increase, including schools, kindergartens, boiler houses, feldsher-midwife stations, as well as five large facilities of the agro-industrial complex of the region with a total power consumption of more than 10 MW. Commissioning is currently underway.

In addition to the introduction of distributed automation elements, an integrated energy monitoring system with telemetry devices providing voltage control at 0.4 kV outgoing feeders and access control equipment in transformer substations is being installed at the Yakovlevsky Distribution Zone in 6-10 kV transformer substations. It is planned to equip all outgoing lines with smart metering devices with the capability to remotely take readings on the supply and consumption of electricity, after which there will be no centres of excess losses in the district.

Today, automatic balancing is already underway at 130 transformer substations of 6-10 kV and has already shown its effectiveness. The Distribution Zone’s personnel closely monitor grid sections with deviations from normal power consumption, which allowed to significantly reduce the level of electricity losses. By the end of the year, energy monitoring will be carried out in all 720 transformer substations located in the Yakovlevsky district. The power engineers will have complete information about the time, place, reason for the loss of voltage on the line and will be able to quickly respond to the situation.

The Yakovlevsky Distribution Zone is one of five “pilot” sites on the basis of which “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” creates digital Distribution Zones. The project has integrated measures for 100 percent equipping the vehicle fleet with the GLONASS system, installing high-voltage points for commercial metering, switching to digital radio communications, modernizing outdoor lighting, and a number of others.

“The digital transformation of the electric grid complex of the Yakovlevsky Distribution Zone will significantly reduce the level of electricity losses in grids, improve the quality and reliability of power supply to consumers, and make it possible to quickly respond to any emergency situations, avoiding long-term restrictions on the supply of electricity to residents of the district,” stressed General Director of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region Igor Makovskiy.

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