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Volunteers of “League of Good” of the Kostromaenergo branch held an action for veterans “Link between generations - memories of the war”


The event was held as part of the replenishment of the Annals of Military Glory of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo”, which were created on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

Today, volunteers visited at home 2 workers of the rear and a veteran of the Great Patriotic War and asked them to share their memories of those terrible days of the Great Patriotic War.

Nina A. Ukhina worked as an accountant in Kostromaenergo for 15 years. In October this year, she will celebrate her 95th birthday. The rear worker met the war with a 16-year-old girl.

“I am from the village of Miskovo of the Kostromsky district. In June 1941, I finished the Kostroma Power Engineering School and agreed to go for a walk in the Posadsky forest with my friends, when suddenly they heard Levitan’s voice on the radio - the war started! We ran to our village, and this is 30 km from Kostroma. There had already begun mobilization. And we stayed to help the front ... together with the boys of 12-13 years old, we worked at a sawmill, prepared firewood, and in the spring we floated it along the river. We also had families from besieged Leningrad, we took care of the children. They worked for our country to Win!” Nina Ukhina recalls the years of hard times in the difficult war period.

The home front worker Gennady M. Burkov celebrated the 75th Victory Day at 88 years old. He gave 25 years of work to Kostromaenergo. He went from a master to an engineer of the distribution grid service of the Kostromsky Distribution Zone of Kostromaenergo.

“When the war started, I turned almost 10 years old. I had to start working very early, since in 1943 we were left alone with my sister and mother. Father died at the front. I began to work at a collective farm on a par with adults from the age of 12. We did everything: we grazed cows, calves, collected the remains of roots in the fields. It was not so much hard work as I was constantly hungry for and my stomach ached and there was no strength. At the end of the war, it became clear that we had to learn. After evening school, I entered the Ivanovo Power Engineering College with a degree in electrical equipment of industrial enterprises. And I turned out to be in a big energy industry. For many years I was engaged in electrification of agriculture,” Gennady Burkov shares his memories.

It should be noted that the meeting with the veterans was held with a minimum number of people. In connection with the difficult epidemiological situation, the energy volunteers strictly took all the necessary precautions aimed at protecting the health of themselves and others. All the branch’s volunteers are provided with masks, gloves and antiseptics.

A tribute to the front-line power engineers in the Kostromaenergo branch is not just one-time actions, but constant care for the older generation, whose representatives endured all the hardships of war, saved the homeland from the enemy, gave peaceful lives to millions of compatriots. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Victory, the Annals of Military Glory were created in the branch. They contain stories about front-line soldiers - grandfathers and great-grandfathers of employees of the Kostromaenergo branch. All 27 Distribution Zones participated in the collection of information. On each page of the Annals there is the story of one war veteran, his story, photographs of orders, certificates, letters, documents. And at the bottom of the page it indicates the son, grandson or great-grandson of the participant - an employee of Kostromaenergo. Now it contains data on 68 workers of the rear and relatives of the employees of the branch. Thanks to the campaign ““Link between generations - memories of the war”, the Annals are replenished annually with new pages. The Annals of Military Glory are kept in the Museum of the History of the Kostroma Power System.

At the end of the meeting, the volunteers on behalf of the Kostroma power engineers handed over memorable gifts to the veterans - books “Energy of Victory” and wished them many years of life.

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