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This year “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” to provide lighting to 11 regional motor roads


In 2020, within the framework of concluded contracts, “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” will construct and upgrade 48.5 kilometres of outdoor lighting grids in the region along 11 sections of the road network. In total, 1,049 new lighting fixtures, including 508 LED ones, will be installed to illuminate the roads.

Modern lighting will appear on the roads “Crimea” - Komsomolsky - Krasivo in the Belgorodsky district, “Tomarovka - Krasnaya Yaruga - Ilek-Penkovka - Kolotilovka - Vyazovoye” in the Krasnoyruzhsky district, “Belgorod - Novy Oskol - Sovetskoye - Ivitsa” - Nechaevo” in the Korochansky district as well as on the sections “Soldatskoye-Arkhangelskoye”, “Neznamovo-Arkhangelskoye-Potudan-Rogovatoye”, “Gubkin-Averino-Arkhangelskoye”, “Valuyki-Urazovo-Logachevka”, “Valuyki-Kazinka-Verigovka” in the Starooskolsky, Gubkinsky and Valuysky districts; “Volokonovka - Livenka - Nikitovka” and “Korocha - Chernyanka - Krasnoye”, “Tomarovka - Krasnaya Yaruga - Ilek-Penkovka - Kolotilovka - Moshchenoye - Seretino” in the Krasnogvardeisky, Korochansky and Yakovlevsky districts of the region.

As part of the current operation, the branch plans to install about 2,500 new lighting fixtures in cities and villages of the region in 2020, another 2,600 light points will be put under control of an automated outdoor lighting system. In certain localities, the branch will continue to implement innovative lighting devices equipped with special individual control units with the possibility of dimming the light flux. The branch first applied such a system in 2019 on the territory of the “smart quarter” in Belgorod. The system allows to remotely control the luminous flux, turn on and off every second or third light source, highlighting intersections, pedestrian crossings, reducing consumption in places with the lowest traffic. Last year, 800 such innovative lighting fixtures were installed in the region.

In total, at the moment, more than 213 thousand light points are operated in Belgorodenergo’s service area. 100% are energy efficient, more than 14 thousand are LED. Control of lighting modes is ensured by an automated outdoor lighting control system (the System), which makes it possible to remotely monitor the status of grids, control phase-by-phase lighting according to an approved schedule or at the command of a dispatcher, and record energy consumption. The System in the Belgorod region covers more than 65% of light points. In 2019, in the Belgorod region, a course was taken to modernize outdoor lighting with an increase in the share of new generation LED lighting fixtures and improving their control system.

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