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Lipetskenergo introduced a distance learning system for personnel


In connection with the complicated epidemiological situation, the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” adjusted the training and staff development system. Power engineers are now gaining new knowledge in a remote format. Training programs requiring compulsory full-time attendance have been postponed to a later date.

Over the past two months, the branch’s specialists were trained under the programs “Electrician for Testing and Measurement”, “Aerial Work Platform and Aerial Platform Operator”, “Aerial Crane Driver” and “Aerial Crane and Drilling Truck Driver”. Classes were held in the form of online lectures and webinars. The power engineers studied materials on the procedure of inspections to identify illegal electricity consumption, labour protection, and traffic safety rules.

The advanced training course was attended by electricians operating Lipetskenergo’s electric meters, the functionality of which includes the identification of theft of electricity in the branch’s grids. During the audio conferences, they worked on the organization of checks to identify non-metered and non-contractual energy consumption and the safe execution of work. Particular attention was paid to training employees in the basics of non-conflict behaviour in working with consumers. Upon completion of the training, all Lipetskenergo’s employees passed online testing and exams.

“Despite the external circumstances, we must maintain a high level of knowledge of production personnel, which requires efficient and safe implementation of tasks to ensure reliable power supply to consumers. In conditions of self-isolation, we are ready to provide methodological assistance and support to employees with independent and distance learning. This allows us to ensure the continuity of the educational process and the safety of its participants,” commented Ekaterina Mushnikova, the head of Lipetskenergo’s HR department.

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