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In 2020 Smolenskenergo to install 613 bird protection devices on overhead power lines


The branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” pays special attention to ensuring the environmental safety of production activities, takes measures aimed at preserving wildlife, as well as preventing technological disruptions caused by exposure to animals.

In 2019, 3,108 bird protection devices were installed in the Smolensk region of the energy company, which are designed to ensure the protection of birds during the operation of power transmission lines and the conservation of biodiversity. The bird protection devices prevent landing on poles, while they are safe and do not harm the life and health of birds. In 2020, Smolenskenergo plans to install another 613 bird protection devices.

The safety of the animal world near power facilities is provided using self-supporting insulated wires during construction, reconstruction of high-voltage lines, as well as connecting new customers. In 2019, 152.38 km of 0.4-10 kV overhead power lines were reconstructed with the replacement of uninsulated wire with self-supporting insulated one in the 0.4 kV grid and protected wire in the 6-10 kV grid. For 2020, it is planned to replace 141.37 km with self-supporting insulated wires.

“By installing bird protection devices and changing wires to insulated, we not only ensure animal safety, but also increase the reliability of power lines, reduce the number of emergency power line shutdowns, extend the life of insulators,” commented Yury Volkov, the head of the production control service at Smolenskenergo.

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