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Lipetskenergo’s specialists control the electricity balances in the grid


During the unfavourable epidemiological situation, power engineers of the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” pay special attention to measures aimed at ensuring reliable and high-quality energy supply to consumers in the Lipetsk region.

One of such measures is the regular taking of readings from technical meters of electric energy located at the branch’s facilities and recording the amount of electric power supplied through them to the grid. This ensures that overloaded and faulty equipment is detected, which ultimately helps significantly reduce the risk of unplanned outages. In addition, an analysis of the data received from the meters allows to calculate the unbalance of electricity along the transmission lines and to isolate nodes of losses associated with the theft of electricity (interference with the operation of commercial metering devices and unauthorized grid connections).

The power engineers take readings on an ongoing basis with a frequency of once a month. At the same time, an automated electricity metering system (AMR) is already operating at a number of Lipetskenergo’s facilities, which allows controlling the volume of supply to the grid and consumption on a daily basis with detailed hours, its application will continue to expand.

“The timely detection and prevention of illegal use of electricity is one of the important conditions for stabilizing the voltage level in the power grid, therefore, these activities play an important role,” commented Alexander Nikeytsev, the head of the electricity metering department of the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo”.

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