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Yarenergo informs about scheduled repair work in May


The branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” temporarily limits power supply during repair work at their production sites. Timely maintenance, diagnostics and repair of power equipment are necessary to maintain its stable operation and prepare the electric grid complex of the region for work in the autumn-winter maximum loads.

To carry out the annual repair program, the branch monthly draws up a schedule of planned outages indicating the facilities and terms. At the same time, specialists of Yarenergo perform the maximum possible amount of work without interrupting the power supply to consumers, and they try to carry out work related to power outages as soon as possible.

A detailed schedule of outages can be found on Rosseti Centre’s portal in the “Scheduled outages” section.

You can also clarify information about planned and emergency outages in the contact centre, which round-the-clock receives messages from citizens via the single direct number at 8-800-50-50-115 (the call is toll-free), and by sending a message to the number +7 915-38-000-38 in Viber.

Yarenergo apologizes for the inconvenience and asks to understand the need for temporary restrictions on electricity supply.

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