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The Lipetsk branch of Rosseti Centre in 2020 implements a number of pilot projects to digitalize the region’s electric grid complex


The branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” continues to implement digital transformation activities. In 2020, power engineers will carry out a number of pilot projects for the region’s energy system in this area.

One of the key projects among them will be the creation on the basis of the Gryazinsky Distribution Zone of the first Digital Distribution Zone in the region. A 0.4-10 kV grid remote control system will be implemented here, with the help of which it will be possible to continuously monitor the parameters of the transmission and consumption of electricity, to monitor the quality of power supply to consumers. For this, the power engineers are equipping the Distribution Zone with a modern distributed automation system, which makes it possible to identify and isolate faulty sections of the grid, while maintaining energy supply to consumers of undamaged sections. It is expected that the introduction of digital technologies will allow to reduce the duration of outages in the service area of the Gryazinsky Distribution Zone by 30%, the amount of losses in grids by 67% and decrease the term of connection to grids by almost 2 times.

Also, within a year, the Unified Grid Control Centre (UGCC) will be created in Lipetskenergo, which will consolidate information on the status of the branch’s distribution grids and manage them remotely. The Centre is equipped with digital communication channels and modern information systems, which will allow online monitoring of the state of power supply facilities of 0.4–110 kV, see the flow of electricity and power, analyze the quality parameters of electricity and current data on the voltage at the consumer, coordinate the work of on-site and repair crews. As part of this work, Lipetskenergo will modernize 17 substations of 35-110 kV, set up digital radio communications, and install an automated system for commercial metering of electricity. The opening of the UGCC will allow bringing the branch’s work to a new level and will ensure maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness of the grid complex.

“Modernization of the region’s electric grid complex based on digitalization is one of our top priorities. This is our contribution to the development of the Lipetsk region, to improving the quality and comfort of life of its citizens,” stressed Acting First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of Lipetskenergo Mikhail Boev.

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