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“Electrical safety route” of Yarenergo expands geography


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” have begun implementing the “Electrical safety route” project, aimed at preventing children’s electrical injuries in the Yaroslavl region, in the second largest city in the region - Rybinsk. A trolley bus began to run through streets of Rybinsk, on the sides of which there are illustrations from the children’s book “The Alphabet of Electrical Safety” published by Rosseti Centre and warning signs of electrical safety.

The “Electrical safety route” project of the Yarenergo branch was launched in December last year. Its goal is to attract the attention of the maximum number of residents of the region to issues of the danger of electric current in case of improper handling. The use of public transport provides a wide audience coverage. Before the New Year holidays, power engineers posted memos on safe handling of electricity on information screens in the salons of Yaroslavl minibuses and trolleybuses. Thus, trips for thousands of children and adults also became useful.

Yarenergo performs comprehensive systematic work on the prevention of children’s electrical injuries. The branch’s specialists conduct electrical safety classes in schools, kindergartens, summer camps, issue thematic memos and booklets, books and colouring books, post cartoons on electrical safety rules on the Internet and on television. In the future, the power engineers plan to expand public information channels.

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