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Belgorodenergo’s specialists provided lighting of mass graves in the villages of Old Bezginka, Schetinovka and Streletskoye


On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, employees of “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” provided lighting of mass graves of Soviet soldiers located in the villages of Stara Bezginka in the Novooskolsky district, Schetinovka in the Belgorodsky district, and Streletskoye in the Krasnogvardeisky district.

In the village of Staraya Bezginka in the Novooskolsky urban district, the power engineers provided the opportunity for decorative illumination of the mass grave of Soviet soldiers who died in battles with fascist invaders in 1943. According to the grid connection agreement, a switchboard was mounted and 120 metres of wire were installed to connect the exterior lighting of the monument.

“Six residents of Novy Oskol who died during the defense of the village were buried in the mass grave,” said Sergey Demidov, Deputy General Director - Director of “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo”. “In 1953, a monument was erected on the grave - a sculpture of a Soviet soldier, and in May 1997, by a resolution of the head of the regional administration, the memorial was included in the list of objects of history and culture of regional significance. To do everything in our power in memory of the people who gave us peace is our duty, our obligation. Now, this place, symbolic for all residents of Novy Oskol and the village, will be well lit at night. We carry out similar work on the eve of the holiday in other districts.”

The lighting of the mass grave of Soviet soldiers who died in battles with the fascist invaders in 1943 was provided by the power engineers of the Belgorodsky Distribution Zone. To this end, they mounted 200 metres of wire and installed an outdoor lighting fixture. 16 people were buried in the grave, the names of the dead were identified.

Workers of the Krasnogvardeisky Distribution Zone restored lighting for the mass grave located in the village of Streletskoye. The power engineers replaced 150 metres of bare wire with self-supported insulated wire, installed poles and four outdoor lighting fixtures. 36 Soviet soldiers who died in battles with the Nazis in 1943 are buried in the grave. The names of 32 soldiers were not identified. In addition, the power engineers of the Krasnogvardeisky Distribution Zone lit up a commemorative alley laid in the village of Livenka in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

In the Prokhorovsky District, the power engineers took part in the reconstruction and expansion of the highway leading to the State Military History Museum-Reserve “The Field of Prokhorovka”. The power engineers removed more than 16 kilometres of 0.4-10 kV power lines from the Yakovlevo-Prokhorovka highway construction zone, and also provided grid connection of six 10/0.4 kV transformer substations for power supply of 1,200 LED lighting fixtures. Now residents and guests of the region will be able to comfortably and safely get to “The Field of Prokhorovka” in the evening to participate in celebrations.

In Veydelevka, the power engineers checked and repaired outdoor lighting for the memorial complex “Grieving Mother” and the monument “Tank-Joseph Stalin”. In Krasnaya Yaruga, similar events were carried out on the territory of the memorial “Grieving Mother”. In Shebekino, the Alley of Heroes of the Soviet Union was put in order. All events are dedicated to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

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