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Kurskenergo implements a number of socially significant projects dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory


In the anniversary year of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” implements a number of projects dedicated to this memorable date. Most of them are in the final stages. The most ambitious of them are projects on decorative lighting of the territory of the “Big Oak” Museum - Reserve in the Zheleznogorsky district of the Kursk region and the monument to the “Heroes-Gunners” at the Teplovsky Heights in the Ponyrovsky district.

To illuminate the Museum - reserve, opened on the spot where in 1943 the Nazis killed the residents of several villages and then burned them for communication with the partisans, Kurskenergo’s specialists constructed a 0.4 kV power line, 2 km long, and installed 26 park lighting fixtures, 7 architectural lighting fixtures and 24 floodlights.

The monument to the “Heroes-Gunners”, where the power engineers also work on its lighting, was erected on the Teplovsky Heights in the Ponyrovsky district - the site of the fiercest battles on the Kursk Bulge. This is the first monument of military glory, unveiled during the Great Patriotic War - 30 November 1943. Here, the branch’s employees have already constructed two overhead lines of 10 kV and 0.4 kV, installed a 10/04 kV pole-mounted transformer substation with a capacity of 25 kVA, and are performing the installation of spotlights.

In addition, the specialists of Kurskenergo will restore the lighting of the “Monument to the Heroes-Tankers” at the entrance to the village of Ponyri and the decorative lighting of the “Angel of Peace” - the main element of the Memorial Stele near the village of Molotychy in the Fatezhsky district.

Other memorable places are also a subject of concern for the power engineers. In the Medvensky district, the branch’s workers cleaned up the monument to the legendary pilot, three times Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Kozhedub, and in the Solntsevsky district they beautified the monument to the Unknown Hero. In total, for the holiday in the places where the fighting took place, the branch’s employees will carry out the improvement and put in order more than 20 burials of Soviet soldiers.

Employees of the enterprise pay particular attention to war veterans and home front workers. On the eve of the holiday, activists of the volunteer movement “League of Good”, together with a representative of the trade union committee of the enterprise, visited at home, observing all safety measures, participants of the Great Patriotic War, Ivan I. Chernyshev and Nikolay V. Nikolaev, home front workers Ivan A. Tkachenko and Valentina I. Smolenskaya. The power engineers congratulated them on the upcoming holiday, wished them health, presented gifts and essentials.

“We are endlessly grateful to you, dear veterans, for your feat, for the opportunity to live in a free country under a peaceful sky, to build our plans and implement them. Live long, and we will try to prove to you, the generation of winners, that we remember, honour and value your contribution to the Victory and our future,” said Alexander Rudnevsky, Deputy General Director - Director of the Kurskenergo branch.

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