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Rosseti Centre provided a hospital in Yaroslavl with a backup power source


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” installed a 100 kW backup power supply source in the territory of the Clinical Hospital named after N.A. Semashko in the city of Yaroslavl. The medical facility is currently redesigning a 50-bed room for patients with COVID-19.

For reliable and uninterrupted power supply of the clinic, the power engineers installed the backup power supply source on its territory and included it in the building’s power supply circuit. In April, the Yarenergo branch installed five such backup sources in other medical institutions of the region. All these hospitals specialize in receiving patients with coronavirus infection.

Improving the reliability of power supply to six health facilities in the Yaroslavl region will allow doctors to provide quality assistance to the population in the fight against COVID-19 infection. In the event of an emergency technological disruption in the operation of existing equipment, the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” will be able to urgently transfer the power supply of the medical facility to independent sources.

Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of Rosseti’s Group of Companies, pointed to the importance of maintaining special control over the supply of electricity to medical institutions in the prevailing adverse epidemiological situation. All structural subdivisions of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region strictly comply with the instructions of the head of the group of companies.

“Today, medical facilities are at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Providing them with reliable and uninterrupted power supply, we contribute to the provision of quality medical care, the functioning of life support systems, on which today it largely depends on how quickly the disease can be defeated,” stressed General Director of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region Igor Makovskiy.

Currently, the Yarenergo branch has strengthened control over the power supply of socially significant facilities located in the region, including 70 medical facilities.

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