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“Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” provided a backup power source to the Kursk Region Trade Union Health Centre, on the basis of which an isolation ward is planned


Specialists of “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” provided a backup power source for the Chernyakhovsky sanatorium, where, if necessary, those who were in contact with the sick would be accommodated. The sanatorium has a capacity of 180 beds.

Please, be reminded that earlier the Head of Rosseti’s Group of Companies Pavel Livinskiy gave instructions to take special control over the functioning of the entire electric grid infrastructure, which provides electricity to social facilities and medical facilities in all regions where the subsidiaries are present.

The decision to install a backup electrical installation in this institution was made at the operational headquarters for the prevention and counteraction of the spread of coronavirus infection in the Kursk region.

Kurskenergo’s power engineers quickly organized and conducted special exercises, within the framework of which a transition cabinet was mounted to connect a spare power source with a capacity of 100 kW, a working algorithm was worked out when starting and transferring power to the autonomous source, and the procedure for interaction with representatives of the sanatorium.

In addition, the specialists of Kurskenergo conducted an unscheduled inspection and thermal imaging monitoring of the state of the electrical system connections, providing uninterrupted power supply for the isolation ward.

“We understand that the health and life of many people can depend on reliable and uninterrupted power supply to the medical facility with modern equipment. Therefore, we took upon ourselves all the work to prepare the infrastructure, deliver, connect and provide fuel for the backup power source,” commented Alexander Rudnevsky, Director of the Kurskenergo branch.

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