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A practical guide from employees of “Rosseti Centre Orelenergo” to be included in the training program for energy students


Students of energy specialties of higher educational institutions of the Orel region will be trained on the basis of a manual from specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Orelenergo”. Guidelines for repair of package transformer substations were developed by Sergey Zakharov, the deputy chief engineer for production asset management and development, and Dmitry Malygin, the chief of the Livensky Distribution Zone, in collaboration with teachers from the Orel State Agrarian University named after N.V. Parakhin.

The visual aid presents the main stages of the technology for overhauling package transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV, with each step of the work supported by the requirements of regulatory and technical documents and illustrated in detail with photographs. The focus on the visibility of the material presentation was made not by accident: the visual series will help future power engineers to study not only the technical side of the work, but also the observance of the requirements for the appearance of energy facilities.

Initially, the manual was intended for personnel of Distribution Zones so that the repair of power equipment was carried out in accordance with a single standard, met all the requirements for the performance of such work, and corresponded to the corporate style of Rosseti Centre. Subsequently, the idea was born of using the accumulated material for teaching students, the work was evaluated by the teachers of the department “Energy Supply” of the Orel State Agrarian University, and in January 2020 the manual was approved at a meeting of the scientific council of the department. Now it is prepared for printing and the subsequent fulfillment of its direct mission - to train potential employees of energy supplying companies.

The range of questions presented in the manual is very wide - from the preparation of the enclosure of the package transformer substation for painting, the configuration of switchgear, the inscription on the doors, to the installation of the foundation and grounding device of the package transformer substation at the installation site. The manual also contains a list of documentation for registration of repair work.

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