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Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo modernizes street lighting in municipalities of the Lipetsk region


The branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo”, together with municipalities, actively works to modernize street lighting systems in the Lipetsk region. The renewal of lines is carried out as part of the regional strategy for the comprehensive modernization of lighting networks, designed to reduce electricity consumption, improve the illumination of settlements, and most importantly - to make the lives of residents more comfortable and safe.

For the first three months of this year, in order to further improve street lighting systems, the power engineers completed the replacement of 192 lighting fixtures. Until the end of the year, the work will cover the Dankovsky, Yeletsky, Izmalkovsky, Krasninsky, Lebedyansky and Lev-Tolstovsky districts. In total, it will become lighter in another 60 settlements of the region.

In 2019, the power engineers provided high-quality street lighting for 20,499 residents in 57 settlements of the Dobrovsky, Dobrinsky, Stanovlyansky, Terbunsky and Izmalkovsky districts. In the course of the work, the branch’s specialists replaced obsolete incandescent and mercury lamps with modern LED ones, and also implemented electricity metering and lighting control systems. In particular, 650 LED street lighting fixtures and 60 metering and lighting control cabinets were installed, allowing not only to control electricity consumption, but also to quickly control street lighting and make flexible schedules for automatically turning on the light in the evening. On the previously unlit streets, 45 kilometres of new lines were constructed using self-supporting insulated wire (SIW), which has enhanced safety features. For just 2.5 years of implementing the strategy, Lipetskenergo modernized 4.6 thousand lighting fixtures and constructed 199 kilometres of new outdoor lighting lines.

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