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Smolenskenergo provided electricity to a new residential complex


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” provided connection to the electric grid of the modern low-rise monolithic residential complex “Kvartal Vostochny” in the city of Smolensk on the 1st Vostochnaya Street. The measures taken by the power engineers made it possible to connect the 4 block-section apartment building of five floors, with a capacity of 150 kW per section. As a result of connecting these facilities to communications, dozens of families will receive comfortable living conditions in the regional centre.

To fulfill the contracts for grid connection of housing units, the power engineers prepared projects and carried out the planned technical measures: the construction of two 0.4 kV cable lines of 300 metres each, as well as the reconstruction of the designed transformer substations from the 110/10/6 kV Central and 110/35/6 kV North substations.

Work on providing electricity to residential buildings in various settlements of the region is ongoing. So, for example, in the 1st quarter of 2020, a 166-unit apartment building in the city of Gagarin was connected to the electricity grid of Smolenskenergo.

Grid connection of housing facilities is among the priority areas for the branch. Despite the rapid growth in the number of applications for grid connection, socially important facilities and housing construction projects are paid special attention by the energy company, performing annually a large amount of grid connections. The social situation in the region and the comfort of residents of the region depend on the quality and timely fulfillment of obligations under grid connection agreements.

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