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Belgorod power engineers restored outdoor lighting in the Military Glory Park in the Borisovsky district


On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, employees of the Borisovsky Distribution Zone of “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” modernized outdoor lighting in the Military Glory Park of the settlement of Borisovka.

The power engineers replaced lighting fixtures and shades, straightened and painted standing lamp mountings of lighting fixtures on the territory of the exposition dedicated to the legendary T-34 tank and SU-27 fighter aircraft. They installed a cabinet of an automated outdoor lighting control system, which will allow to remotely control the park lighting without turning it off at night.

“In this place, ZhTU-70 “Lotus” lighting fixtures, installed on standing lamp mountings, are used. During operation, the shades and paintwork on the standing lamp mountings became unusable. We are correcting these shortcomings,” says Pavel Zasheiko, the master of the outdoor lighting crew of the Borisovsky Distribution Zone.

In addition, in preparation for the holiday, the Borisovsky power engineers will replace obsolete yellow console street lighting fixtures with modern LED ones with the possibility of individual control of the light flux at the site of the installation of the sculpture “Warrior Liberator” on Grayvoronsky street of the district centre. Earlier, the branch already installed around 310 such LED lighting fixtures, including in the area of the “Grieving Mother” Memorial and the Eternal Flame, located in the central part of the settlement. Today, all 100% of the lighting fixtures in the Borisovsky district are automatically controlled.

For reference:
The Military Glory Park of the Borisovsky district was founded in memory of the tankers of the 1st battalion of the 56th separate tank brigade named after the Chelyabinsk Komsomol who heroically fought and died here on 13-14 March 1943. The names of the heroes are remembered and honoured by residents of the Borisovsky district.

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