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Belgorod Electric Grids celebrate the 70th anniversary


On 5 April, Belgorod Electric Grids of Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo turned 70 years old. The enterprise celebrated its anniversary under the sign of conceptual changes related to the digital transformation of the electric grid complex. In 2020, Belgorod Electric Grids will become a digital Distribution Zone.

The company was established on 5 April 1950. The decision to establish a city power grid enterprise was taken by the executive committee of the Belgorod Council of Deputies to ensure the efficient functioning of the city electric power industry. Since 1964, its history has been closely connected with Belgorodenergo.

By the time of the establishment, the company had only 63 km of power lines, 11 transformer substations on its balance sheet, the number of personnel was 14 people. Over the past decades, the production potential grew up significantly, and along with it, the labour productivity increased, solid work experience was accumulated, more than one generation of highly skilled specialists was trained.

Today, Belgorod Electric Grids operate more than 5.3 thousand km of power lines of 0.4-10 kV, 1,034 transformer substations and distribution centres of 6-10 kV, from which all enterprises and the population of the regional centre are supplied, more than three thousand kilometres of outdoor lighting networks and more 42.7 thousand lighting fixtures. The main feature of the city’s power supply network is the predominance of cable power lines, their total length exceeds three thousand kilometres.

The number of customers served over 70 years also increased many times: from 7 thousand in 1950 to 172 thousand today. And, considering that Belgorod is invariably one of the most comfortable cities in Russia and its infrastructure painfully reacts to any, even insignificant, interruption in energy supply, the energy sector has a double responsibility.

Belgorod Electric Grids approached their seventieth birthday with major changes in the structure of the grid complex management. In December 2019, the district dispatch centre of the enterprise was transformed into the Grid Control Centre, which manages the distribution network of Belgorod and the Belgorodsky district, processing more than 66 thousand signals about the status of the equipment.

Last November, in the micro-district of individual housing construction “South-West”, the first innovative energy storage device with a capacity of 10 kW and a nominal energy intensity of 53.28 kWh was installed in the Central Federal District. Since last year, Belgorod power engineers have been participating in the implementation of the “Smart Quarter” regional project, which provides for the construction of an innovative urban environment on the territory of Kharkiv Mountain.

This year, Belgorod Electric Grids will complete the implementation of the “Digital Distribution Zone” project and will become one of the five digital structural subdivisions of the branch. Today, during a period of unfavourable epidemiological conditions, employees of Belgorod Electric Grids provide enhanced control over the state of the grid complex, infrastructure and socially significant facilities and do everything possible to ensure reliable power supply to the residents of the regional centre.

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