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“Voronezh Gorelektroset” provided electricity to an apartment building for the period of elimination of technological violations


On 1 April, at around 10 a.m., the 17-story building in the Zheleznodorozhny district was left without electricity. A technological violation occurred on a power line owned by the commercial organization “Stroy Line” LLC.

All multi-storeyed apartment buildings above 10 floors are equipped with electric stoves, as well as booster pumps, which provide the necessary water pressure in the apartments. Currently, the city has a regime of universal self-isolation, so almost all Voronezh residents are at home, many of them study or work remotely. In order to prevent the residents of the house from experiencing any inconvenience, the specialists of “Voronezh City Electric Grid” (included in the perimeter of the functional responsibility of the Rosseti Centre company since November 2019) decided to quickly provide it with electricity for a while, while the owner of the power transmission line will carry out emergency restoration work, on a temporary basis, from a backup power source.

In view of the fact that the company is managed by Rosseti Centre and the power engineers work according to the same principles of the technical policy of Rosseti’s Group of Companies, the main task of the enterprise is to provide reliable and high-quality electricity to all consumers in the regional centre. The power engineers make every effort to ensure that non-working days pass for the residents of Voronezh in comfort.

In order to ensure preparedness for responding to emergencies at JSC “Voronezh Gorelektroset”, a dispatch service and emergency service operators are on round-the-clock duty (tel. 255-48-73, 235-65-50, 8-800-450-11-05), there are eight operating mobile crews equipped with necessary gear and specialized vehicles.

In case of emergency situations in electric grids and at the enterprise’s facilities, within 2 hours emergency repair work may also involve: 72 people and 42 vehicles. All materials and equipment necessary for emergency recovery work in electric grids are stored in warehouses and prepared for use.

To ensure uninterrupted power supply, JSC “Voronezh Gorelektroset” is in constant readiness with three mobile transformer substations and three diesel generator sets of various capacities.

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