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Kurskenergo is preparing a "Book of Memory" dedicated to the feat of power engineers during the Great Patriotic War


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” is preparing a “Book of Memory” about the fate of representatives of the military generation, whose life before or after the war was connected with energy.

It will provide detailed information about 147 employees of the Kursk power system, drafted into the Red Army in the early days of the war. Photos, scanned letters, award sheets, military records will tell about them. The “Book of Memory” will contain information about the employees of the power system who participated in the battle of Moscow and the Battle of Stalingrad, in battles on the Kursk Bulge and in the defense of Sevastopol, in the liberation of the Baltic states and East Prussia.

“To preserve the memory of the exploits of those who went through the war while there is such an opportunity is a small fraction of our enormous duty to the front-line soldiers. And our responsibility is to pass this memory on to the next generation,” stressed Alexander Rudnevsky, Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo”.

This work of the power engineers will continue after the Victory Day. New materials will be discovered, hitherto unknown documents, facts, and new names will be entered in the “Book of Memory” of Kurskenergo.

In the future, an electronic version of the “Book of Memory” will appear in the branch, in which information will be placed, including on widows of power engineers and home front workers.

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