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Tverenergo is ready for the flood


In order to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation of electric grid facilities, the Tver branch of Rosseti Centre implements a set of technical measures in anticipation of the flood period. Despite the snowy winter, the water remained in the soil since October after the autumn rains, and spring floods are expected in the Tver region.

A special flood control commission has been created in the branch to inspect power facilities located in areas of increased risk of flooding. The readiness of personnel and equipment is being checked. The branch interacts with the territorial authorities of Roshydromet, the General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Tver region, local authorities with the aim of obtaining predictive and operational information on the maximum levels of water rise in rivers, weather conditions that contribute to intensive melting of snow cover and flood risk.

Tverenergo’s specialists strengthened the monitoring of the status of substations, power lines, buildings and structures located in the zone of possible flooding. To ensure the normal passage of the flood period, 13 mobile crews with a total of 68 people are in constant readiness in the Tver branch, as well as 21 vehicles.

Drainage devices and drainage ditches were checked and prepared for the passage of melt surface groundwater. The meltwater was removed from buildings and underground utilities. The technical condition of the reserve sources of electricity supply and their availability, if necessary, for emergency transportation, were checked. The flooded territories were monitored and the displacement routes and locations of the reserve sources of electricity supply for power supply of socially significant facilities, the communication and power supply of which could be disrupted by the flood, were determined.

Interaction was established with the territorial administrations of the river shipping company to comply with safety rules and protection of power lines and to ensure the necessary dimensions to wires when passing ships, floating equipment and mechanisms at places of intersection with power lines during a period of high water levels.

During the flood, specialists of the branch will conduct extraordinary inspections of sections of overhead lines prone to flooding, passing in floodplains of rivers and marshy areas. Tverenergo will provide constant monitoring of the state of electric grid facilities located in high-risk areas.

After the flood, the Tver power engineers will organize a survey of all overhead lines, equipment and premises of substations, buildings and structures exposed to melt water to determine the extent of their damage and the need for repair and restoration work.

Timely implementation by the power engineers of all planned flood control measures will contribute to the reliable functioning of the distribution grid complex of the Tver region during the spring flood.

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