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Socially significant facilities are in priority at Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” makes a significant contribution to the development of the social infrastructure of the region, providing reliable power supply to existing and new facilities. Since the beginning of this year, the branch’s specialists have carried out a series of measures to increase the capacity of two socially significant facilities - an educational school in the city of Bui and a kindergarten in the village of Serednyaya in the Kostromsky district. For this, power engineers constructed an overhead power line with a voltage class of 0.4 kV and installed an additional 0.4 kV switching device.

In March, as part of the national “Healthcare” project, Kostroma power engineers completed the connection to electric grids of the building of a new feldsher-midwife station in the village of Veselovo in the Krasnoselsky district, for this purpose they constructed a 0.4 kV overhead line and installed circuit breakers in the switchgear of the transformer substation.

By the end of 2020, Kostromaenergo’s employees plan to complete the connection to the grid of the building of the Centre for Outpatient Cancer Care in Kostroma. To this end, in particular, they will have to design and construct multi-core cable lines of 0.4 kV with a total length of more than one kilometre. The Centre with an area of ​​more than 1,000 square metres is planned to be commissioned in late January 2021. The commissioning of the new medical facility will allow to quickly conduct examinations, identify and treat diseases in the early stages.

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