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Smolenskenergo allocated more than 4 million rubles to ensure the environmental safety of production in 2019


In 2019, the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” allocated 4.119 million rubles to implement environmental policy measures of the company. The main tasks in the implementation of the environmental programs of the branch were: monitoring compliance with environmental laws in the structural subdivisions of the branch; the organization of a complete primary accounting of waste and the keeping of registers of formation and movement of waste; conclusion of contracts for organized car washes; transfer of mercury-containing lamps, worn-out tires and used office equipment to specialized licensed organizations for disposal and recycling of these wastes; conducting industrial environmental control, greening and landscaping of premises.

Fixed assets were allocated for the disposal of municipal solid waste - 1.384 million rubles, for the collection and treatment of wastewater - 934.49 thousand rubles, for the arrangement of waste storage sites - 397.28 thousand rubles and for environmental production control - 206.74 thousand rubles.

In addition, Smolenskenergo’s specialists installed 3,108 bird protection devices to ensure the protection of birds during the operation of power lines and preserve biodiversity in the Smolensk region. These devices are safe for birds, as they do not harm life and health, but simply prevent landing on poles, forcing them to look for other safe places.

An equally important area for ensuring the safety of wildlife is the use of self-supporting insulated wires in the construction, reconstruction of high-voltage lines, as well as connecting new customers. To ensure the safety of the animal world, increase the reliability of the energy system and reduce the clearing area, 152.38 km of 0.4-10 kV overhead power lines were reconstructed with the replacement of the bare wire by self-supporting insulated one (SIW).

In order to improve the qualifications of the staff, 33 Smolenskenergo’s employees underwent training under the program “Vocational training of persons for the right to work with hazardous waste” in the private institution of additional professional education “Training Centre” Occupational Safety Profession”. The number of trainees included chiefs and chief engineers of Distribution Zones, foremen of crews, masters of vehicle repair, environmental protection engineers and other categories of personnel.

Smolenskenergo sets high requirements to the environmental aspects of production and the rational use of natural energy resources, contributes to improving the overall environmental safety of the Smolensk region.

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