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Power engineers of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” switched to a special mode of operation due to a storm cyclone coming into force in the Tver region


Due to the actual deterioration of weather conditions, a special operating mode has been introduced in the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo”. On the night of 13 March, a powerful atmospheric front entered the territory of the Tver region, bringing a gale from the southern side of the region with sharp gusts, the strength of which currently reaches 20 m/s. The bad weather provokes wire breaks and cross-whipping, trees falling out from borders of routes of power lines.

Currently, the Rzhevsky, Kalininsky and Kimrsky Distribution Zones, where the most difficult operational situation is recorded, are at the epicentre of the bad weather.

Power engineers prepared in advance for the impact of the bad weather, from 08:00 am on 12 March, a high alert mode was introduced in 17 branches of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region.

Taking into account the most unfavourable forecast in the Tver region, according to the decision of the head of the company Igor Makovskiy, a reinforced force and personnel group of 121 crews, about 800 people and more than 250 vehicles, transferred to the service area of Rosseti Centre’s branch, was sent from branches of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region.

The power engineers began the emergency repair work immediately. At present, consequences of the gale in the Kalininsky, Rzhevsky and Kimrsky Distribution Zones are being eliminated by 23 crews of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo”, as well as 11 crews of the Voronezh, Kaluga and Ryazan branches of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region.

In total, 72 emergency recovery units consisting of about 200 specialists and 77 specialized vehicles are currently working on eliminating damage in the territory of the region.

According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Centre, by 10-12 o’clock the hurricane cyclone will gain its power, gusts of wind will increase to 30 m/s. The headquarters of the electric grid complex under the leadership of First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of Rosseti Centre, Acting Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” Alexander Pilyugin coordinates the progress of emergency recovery operations and constantly monitors the meteorological and operational situation. Work to restore electricity supply to residents will be ongoing. Tverenergo asks residents to assist and report power outages by telephone to Rosseti Centre’s Contact Centre at 8 800-50-50-115, which receives calls from citizens for free around the clock. You can also leave a message by phone +7 915-38-000-38 in Telegram and Viber.

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