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The administration of the Kimrsky district thanked Tverenergo’s power engineers


The head of the Kimrsky district of the Tver region, Irina Mironova, expressed gratitude to the power engineers of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” for taking measures to restore power supply to a socially significant facility - a water station located on the territory of the municipality.

On 11 March, an emergency outage of a 10 kV cable line passing through the territory of the village of Bely Gorodok in the Kimrsky district occurred. The power line, on which the damage was detected, does not have an owner, the specified electrical installation is not operated by the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo”.

As a result of a technological violation, the subsequent de-energization of the transformer substation of 10/0.4 kV, which is also ownerless, occurred. This transformer substation provides electricity to a water pump station located in the territory of a city settlement. About 2,000 consumers of the private residential sector were left without water supply.

Due to the absence of a legal owner, the power equipment was not serviced by anyone. According to the law, it cannot be repaired without the consent of the official owner of the power plants. For help in restoring the power supply, the District Administration referred to the branch of Russia’s largest grid company “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” as the main guarantor of the reliability of power supply in the region.

For the prompt restoration of power supply to the pumping station and the associated resumption of water supply, in consultation with the Administration, the management of “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” decided to carry out repair and restoration work at the unowned power equipment.

3 crews of the Tver branch of Rosseti Centre, consisting of 12 personnel and 3 specialized vehicles, were immediately sent to the disconnection site.

The whole range of work was completed by the Tver power engineers before the end of the day, by 9 p.m. the power supply was completely restored, and the water returned to the residents’ houses.

“Tverenergo, being a branch of a socially responsible grid company, has made every effort to quickly and efficiently carry out restoration work at the electrical installations that do not have a legal owner,” notes First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of Rosseti Centre, Acting Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” Alexander Pilyugin. “However, the problem of ownerless facilities is large-scale and poses a threat to the safety and reliability of the region’s energy supply. At the moment, the power supply of the station is carried out normally, but in the absence of the owner, the power equipment and the residents and social facilities powered by it continue to be at risk. It is for this purpose that Rosseti is actively working to consolidate the country’s electricity grid assets and calls on municipalities to assist in identifying and transferring such facilities to their ownership for their subsequent maintenance and ensuring the comfort and quality of power supply to consumers.”

The professional and coordinated actions of the employees of “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” were highly appreciated by the head of the Kimrsky district, Irina Mironova: “The Tver power engineers have once again proved their professionalism and high level of responsibility. Just recently, you have carried out a series of works on replacing an ownerless worn-out substation in the city of Kimry with a new one. All the completed activities received a positive response from our residents. I express hope for further fruitful cooperation both in resolving daily issues in the electric power industry and in issues related to the prospect of the development of the district and the region as a whole.”

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