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Kurskenergo increases its staff training


In anticipation of massive repairs, the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” trained staff for repair and maintenance of distribution grids. Masters of crews for operating distribution grids of Distribution Zones, electricians of on-site crews, and electric fitters to repair switchgear equipment improved their professional level.

The main purpose of the training is to increase the professional level of power engineers necessary to carry out the check, repair and operation of electrical grids.

Lectures were organized for the branch’s employees on the arrangement, the main elements and rules of operating equipment of distribution grids, diagnostics of electrical equipment, conducting fault detection and assessing the technical condition of facilities under repair, and on the safe performance of work in emergency grid operation modes.

An important topic of the training course was the implementation of digital technologies in the electric power industry. In particular, the branch’s power engineers studied issues related to the creation of a digital Distribution Zone, the implementation of the concept of a “digital” electrician, the installation of smart metering devices, the creation of a digital radio communication system, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in production activities.

A part of the lectures was devoted to the concept of development of operational - technological and situational grid management. Among the issues discussed are requirements for documentation and talks, setup of operational switching, prevention and elimination of technological violations.

In addition, the power engineers studied labour protection issues, the organization of safe work in existing electrical installations, and fire safety at power facilities.

In practical classes at Kurskenergo’s indoor training centre, the branch’s employees practiced the skills of installing and operating intelligent switching devices - reclosers, and installing smart metering devices.

“All the students passed the qualification exam and received certificates of successful completion of the course,” stressed Alexander Muratov, the deputy chief engineer for production asset management and development of Kurskenergo, “which indicates their readiness to carry out mass repairs.”

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