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Kostromaenergo is ready to work during the spring flood


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” completed preparations for the flood period. According to forecasts, in the areas of flooding, as well as in areas of ice drift, there may be 194 sections of the branch’s power lines - primarily those that cross rivers and pass through their floodplains. To ensure the reliable functioning of the region’s electric grid complex during the spring flood, the power engineers conducted more than two dozen organizational and technical activities. They were controlled by a flood commission led by First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of Kostromaenergo Andrey Meluzov.

The power engineers inspected crossings of overhead power lines across rivers, checked the condition of the containment of foundations and the protection of bases from ice drift at poles prone to flooding and erosion. In order to eliminate the threat of flooding of equipment and communications, premises of substations were cleared of snow. In the event of elimination of possible damage to equipment of substations and overhead power lines, the emergency stock of materials, backup power supplies, mobile pumps, boats, specialized vehicles, existing and backup communication and warning channels was prepared. Schemes of delivery to the alleged areas of flooding of equipment and necessary vehicles were determined.

During the spring flood Kostromaenergo will set up round-the-clock duty of on-site crews and specialized vehicles. In total, 136 crews, 180 automobile and specialized vehicles are ready for prompt elimination of possible technological violations in the branch. The power engineers have at their disposal 64 backup power sources with a total installed capacity of more than 4,100 kW, which can be used for temporary supply of power.

To obtain timely forecasts of the flood situation in the region, Kostromaenergo established effective cooperation with the hydrometeorological service, local and regional authorities and the General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Kostroma region.

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