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Yarenergo congratulated women - veterans on 8 March


On the eve of International Women’s Day, the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” congratulated former employees of the enterprise - war veterans and home front workers.

Representatives of the Youth Council on behalf of all employees of the branch thanked the representatives of the older generation for their contribution to the establishment and strengthening of the industry. Behind each of these women there are difficult war years and serious trials. Despite all the difficulties experienced, the honoured workers retain a positive attitude, are interested in the latest news in the country and the city.

Lucia I. Sadilek devoted almost three of her nine decades to work in the Yaroslavl energy system. She met her childhood in besieged Leningrad, was evacuated along the ice road of life. Having received the specialty of an engineer-economist, she worked in the planning and economic department, where before retiring she established the organization’s effective work and made forecasts for its development in accordance with the five-year state plans. Today, Lucia Sadilek, along with her former colleagues, received warm congratulations on the spring holiday. The young specialists of Yarenergo wished good health, presented flowers and greeting cards to all the women - veterans who worked in the Yaroslavl energy system.

*- From June 2019, all companies of the transmission and distribution grid complex in corporate and marketing communications, as well as on all corporate identity carriers will use the new name containing the Rosseti trademark and regional or functional binding.

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